April 27, 2011

PM: Cameras coming at all ports

BY MIKE KING | WED, APRIL 27, 2011 - 12:05 AM

SHANIQUE Myrie is free to return to Barbados and point a finger at who she alleges assaulted her at the Grantley Adams International Airport last month.

And according to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, surveillance cameras will be installed to confirm or contradict any allegation in the future.

This country’s seventh Prime Minister made these disclosures on a nationally televised interview on the state-run Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC TV) last night.

Prime Minister Stuart said the Myrie affair in which the Jamaican woman claimed she was finger-raped at the airport was unfortunate and had inflamed many passions. However, he said he was disappointed that certain elements had tried to inflame the issue because they thought that “here at last was a stick in which Government could be beaten”.

Stuart said he had in his possession a full report by the police on the issue, statements from all of the persons who were involved and gave the country the assurance that his Government was on top of the matter.“

No obstacles will be put in the way of Miss Myrie if she wants to be come back to Barbados and to point out to police who the offending officer, as alleged by her, might be.

“Suffice to say, I am not aware that there has been any formal complaint from the Jamaican police to the police authorities that would activate any prosecutorial processes,” he said.

Stuart said that relations between Barbados and all of its regional neighbours would continue to be normal.

The Prime Minister said there was a view that if any cameras had been in place for the March 14 incident, there might not have been any scope for speculation.

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