September 22, 2010

Makushi band uses music to reclaim dying culture

By Candace Phillips

Recognising that there has been a loss of various forms of Amerindian culture in their community, the Suruma Makushi Culture Band aspires to use its cultural performances as a means of reigniting interest and involvement in this dying way of life.

“We use the band to try to hold on to culture for as long as possible. When children look at us they must be inspired,” said Glendon Allicock, leader of the group which is based in Surama, Region Nine. “Our culture is rapidly declining and nobody is saying anything to stop this,” he said in dismay.

The home of the Makushi Culture Band is a community which is located 18 miles north of Annai, which has approximately 280 residents who regard tourism as their main export product. While over the years at heritage celebrations, there have been groups who have performed, this band is the most recognised of its kind and works diligently to better its craft.

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