January 11, 2010

Deportee aid programme now open

The US$3m ($615m) United States project, which aims to provide tailored assistance to deportees returning to Guyana as part of a pilot project to support their reintegration into the society, has begun operations and is inviting remigrants experiencing difficulties to contact it.

According to an advertisement in the newspapers yesterday the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which signed an agreement with the government in June of last year, is asking persons who know someone who has been deported to Guyana or those who would have found it difficult to resettle in Guyana to dial telephone number 226-4732. Those who find it difficult to secure a job or are considering opening their own businesses can also dial the number.

It was revealed last year at the signing that the project has budgeted for some 250 returnees here. Funds were also earmarked for a similar regional programme in The Bahamas. The US had previously implemented the project in Haiti.

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