April 7, 2009


The Caribbean and Central America on the Threshold on the Tenth Biennial
By Yudelsy Fundora Martínez

Curator José Manuel Noceda, from the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center , researcher and member of the International Association of Critics (AICA), valuates the most recent art of Central America, the Caribbean and the Canary Islands –a region he has been in charge of for the last two years– and comments on their presence at the Tenth Havana Biennial.

In your article “Sailing the Basin of the Contemporary Caribbean”, published in the electronic magazine Arteamérica , you state, based on the perception the world has of the Caribbean, that “(…) it is hard for the Caribbean to find its place among the shapes of the contemporary cultural map”. In what way does this phenomenon challenge the artistic creation of the region?

That article was written right after the Seventh Havana Biennial... keep reading

Still from 'On the Map' in conversation between Jose Manula Noceda and Yudelsy Fundora Martínez

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