June 14, 2011

Dark season for Caricom as regional integration on pause

By Ricky Singh

THE FAILURE to identify a new Secretary General for the Caribbean Community (Caricom) or to indicate any progress in coming to grips with the need for a new and relevant management structure at the Georgetown-based Secretariat, continue to attract attention across the region.

Just two weeks ago, the Jamaica Observer editorially declared that in deciding at their "special retreat" in Guyana last month to put on "pause" arrangements for the promised vital single economy, the Heads of Government may well be "sounding the death knell of Caricom".

As the Observer noted, the Community's leaders are yet to explain to the region's people the specific problems/challenges that prevent them from advancing the process towards a seamless regional economy.

The Single Market component of the CSME (Caricom Single Market and Economy) came into effect in 2006 and it was originally estimated that the single economy could be inaugurated by 2008. However, it was subsequently revised and hopefully, the single economy dimension would be inaugurated by 2015.

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