March 29, 2011

Jamaican delegation to head to Barbados this week

The Foreign Affairs ministry says a high level delegation is to travel to Barbados this week to have discussions with officials in that country regarding allegations of abuse of a Jamaican at an airport there.

There has been much public outcry since Shanique Myrie, reported that on a visit to Barbados on March 14 she was subjected to two demeaning cavity searches by a female immigration officer and was detained for hours for interrogation.

She also said the immigration officer made several derogatory remarks about Jamaicans.

The Ministry says it has sought to address her case through diplomatic channels but has received no response to a diplomatic note faxed on March 25.

However, it says Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Ken Baugh, received an email from his Barbadian colleague outlining the text of a press release from the Barbados Government Information Service on March 26.

The report has refuted Myrie’s claim of abuse.

The Foreign affairs minister also received information showing that for the three-year period from 2008 to 2010 about 851 of the more than 51,000 Jamaicans who sought to enter Barbados were denied entry.

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