February 19, 2011

Barbados concerned about human trafficking

(Barbados Nation) Human trafficking appears to have found a place in Barbados. And yesterday during debate on the Transnational Organised Crime (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2011, both Government and Opposition spokespersons were in unison on its likely existence in the island and the need for a holistic approach to stop it.

Leader of Government Business Senator Maxine McClean and principal Opposition spokesperson in the Upper Chamber, Senator Kerrie Symmonds, gave accounts of situations involving women, which fell within the perimeters of human trafficking.

McClean referred to the Ghanaian nationals who were left stranded in Barbados two years ago and indicated that some of the females in the group were reportedly engaged in acts of prostitution almost immediately after arriving and subsequently disappearing on the island.

She noted many of them had come to Barbados based on promises of employment and a better life. She added it was clearly a situation where the Africans were exploited.

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