November 17, 2010

From War to Windrush

A new exhibit will be in place at the Institute of Jamaica's Tower Street Gallery from now until September 2011, celebrating the thousands of West Indians who volunteered to risk their lives for duty during World War I and II.

'From War to Windrush' and 'War: Lest We Forget' were presented to the public Sunday morning by the museums of history and ethnography director, Staci-Marie Dehaney, who said the pieces were collected "from families, veterans, different libraries, the Jamaican Military Museum, many different places" to give a cohesive archival viewing of the West Indian involvement during the two wars.

The project began in June 2008 as a special exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London, marking the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the MV Empire Windrush, a ship carrying job-searching West Indians to Britain in the wake of 1948 post-war migration.

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