November 2, 2010

Beverley Manley Gives Two Thumbs Up

Erin Hansen, Gleaner Writer

"It was quite an adventure," Barbara Blake Hannah - the first black television journalist to appear on Thames TV, BBC-TV and Channel 4 - recalled of her migration to England in the '60s.

"We went over there as bright-eyed innocents, we were bold and brassy."

At the launch for her new book, Growing Out: Black Hair and Black Pride at the Bob Marley Museum last Thursday, Blake Hannah gave a humorous anecdote of her first years in England with flatmate and guest speaker Beverley Manley, ex-wife of late Prime Minister Michael Manley.

Growing Out is the autobiographical story of Hannah Blake's experiences as a young woman in Jamaica, and what it was like migrating to Britain during the 'swinging '60s' at a time when black power, flower power and the anti-Vietnam war movement were high.

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