August 14, 2010

Republican Candidate Advises Putting Illegal Immigrants in Camps

Tom Brokaw dubber WWII "The Greatest Generation," but some bits of that history, like the internment of the Japanese in America, are moments most of us look back on with regret.

But one Republican candidate for state legislature in Florida thinks the idea should be readopted, this time as a way to hold illegal immigrants.

Via Salon's War Room:

In an interview with Salon today, a Republican candidate for the Florida state Legislature stood by her controversial idea to arrest illegal immigrants and send them to "camps" where they can be held en masse.

"We can ship them out to the middle of the country and put up high walls and leave them there," said Marg Baker, the middle-aged real estate broker vying for the Republican nomination in the state's 48th district, north of Tampa.

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