August 31, 2010

Latest Migration Trends, Return of Diasporas and Regional Integration, Discussed this Week at the International Migration in the 21st Century Conferen

Posted on Tuesday, 31-08-2010

Argentina - Migration experts from international organizations and academia, as well as government officials from MERCOSUR countries and other national and regional entities are coming together this week in the Argentine city of Iguazú for the International Migration in the 21st Century Conference.
Under the auspices of the Argentine Ministry of Interior Immigration Directorate, participants will exchange information and best practices on issues of common concern related to international migration.

"With human mobility and integration at the top of the migration agenda for receiving countries, it is vital for IOM to foster these regional gatherings where policy makers can discuss mutual concerns," says Juan Artola, IOM Regional Representative in Buenos Aires.

What were migrant countries of origin just a few decades ago today are destination countries, as in the case of Argentina. However the countries receiving migrants today are also seeing their nationals migrate in search of better economic opportunities. Countries that built and developed their economies using foreign labour are now closing the doors to foreign workers.

"Although today's world is very much interdependent, governments and policy makers are realizing that regionalization can be a viable option when faced with globalization. And paradoxically, the right to migrate is being discussed more and more these days," adds Artola.

Prompting discussion amongst governments can guide policy makers towards sound migration policies that would decrease the largely illicit and irregular migration with all the risks that it entails.

The two-day event includes four roundtables where participants will discuss migration issues affecting their societies, including: reaping the development potential of migration, migration as a fundamental human right, involving the diaspora in the development of their country of origin, brain drain and brain gain, regional integration of migrants, climate change and migration, and regional consultative processes.

Some of the participants include: Lorena Escudero, Minister of SENAMI (National Migrant Secretariat) of Ecuador; Costa Rica's Vice Minister of Public Security, Mario Zamora; Alvaro Calderon, Director of Colombia nos Une (a virtual platform created by IOM and Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reach out to the Colombian diaspora); Izaura Miranda, Director of Immigration of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice; and Martín Arias Duval, National Director of Migration of Argentina.

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