August 1, 2010

Israel modifies plans to deport migrant worker families

Little Eustace Uzoma plays happily in a Tel Aviv park, near the home in which she has lived ever since she was born.

The shy five-year-old speaks fluent Hebrew and is already in the school system.

But she is almost oblivious to the fact that there are some people in the Israeli government who want to deport her and other children who are fully assimilated into Israeli society, because their parents are here illegally.

Israel has approved plans to deport the families of illegal migrant workers, and government spokesman Roei Lachmanovich told the BBC the plan would affect some 400 children and their parents.

Vincent Uzoma says Israel should recognise the birthright of children born within its borders
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the move was made because the country faced increasing illegal migration, which was a threat to its Jewish character.

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