June 22, 2010

Barbados on Human Trafficking 'watch list'

Barbados HAS BEEN put on a human trafficking “watch list”.

Against a backdrop of reported cases of child prostitution, domestic servitude, stepfathers and other adults coercing children into “transactional sex”, and the involvement of Guyanese criminals linking with Barbadian and Trinidadian pimps to lure foreign women into the country with offers of legitimate jobs, Barbados has been placed on a tier two “watch list” reserved for countries that don’t comply with minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking.

Alongside these alarming and depressing charges about Barbados in the United States State Department’s annual global report on human trafficking – released on Monday – the report said Barbados was “making significant efforts to eliminate human trafficking” but the Government’s approach to the problem was “weak”, especially when it came to prosecuting trafficking, raising public awareness of the risks and dangers in trafficking, and taking steps to end it.

“The Barbados Government made no discernible progress in its anti-human trafficking law enforcement efforts during the year,” Washington charged.

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