April 1, 2010

What is CARICOM's role in determining Haiti's future?

A Haitian Beach


YESTERDAY an International Donors Conference got underway at United Nations headquarters in New York with the objective of helping to determine "a new future" in Haiti following the horrific devastation of the January 12 earthquake.

Today, April 1, is normally treated in jest as "All Fools' Day". So far as Haiti's future is concerned, the aid donor nations would know that there can be no "fooling around" over the enormous challenges involved in the national reconstruction of a country that was already the most poverty-stricken in the Western Hemisphere long before the unprecedented earthquake disaster.

Over many decades Haiti has been dealt a very bad hand by rich and powerful nations and the international financial institutions they control.

Together, though with varying agenda, they have traditionally influenced political and economic developments under different administrations in Port-au-Prince without any fundamental change in the image of even the capital city from that of a shanty town.

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