March 10, 2010

CARICOM in the hemisphere

In our editorial last week on ‘The OAS in the hemisphere,’ we observed that our Caricom states, in attending the Mexico conference that established the new Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CALC), had given little notice beforehand that they were committed to this Mexican initiative. In the aftermath of the announcement, some Caricom governments, and in particular the head of government holding the chairmanship of our community, were quick to reassure us that the new institution was in no way to be seen as competitive with, or even intended to replace, the Organisation of American States. Rather, it was pointed out that this was not to be seen as in any way different from the situation of member states who had joined other Latin American groupings, for example UNASUR, or the Rio Group which is in fact supposed to be seen as a predecessor organization to the new community. And in similar fashion, it was argued, Caricom states’ adherence to CALC which excluded the United States and Canada was in no way to be seen as an indication or display of antagonism to that country.

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