February 8, 2010

David Rudder reflects on Haiti and the Caribbean

Published on: 2/8/2010.


HE PENNED IT 24 YEARS AGO after a striking experience in New York City.

Today, David Michael Rudder's Haiti I'm Sorry has become the global anthem - in his words, "the road march around the world" - as people everywhere mourn in unison for the earthquake-stricken republic.

But the song, Rudder assured Monday's Man, is more than a requiem for the beloved land its people call Ayiti Chérie.

"Initially I realised that most of us in the English-speaking Caribbean don't know what's happening in the French or Spanish Caribbean, and likewise people in the French Caribbean don't know what's happening in the English Caribbean.

"One day I was in Brooklyn with a friend of mine and we took a cab with a Haitian driver, who charged us a little more than we're accustomed to paying," he said in a recent interview.

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