January 8, 2010

What matters most: Legally the same


A RECENT ARTICLE by Ricky Jordan was a source of concern for many people, including a popular call-in programme host. The gist of the article suggested there would be a rounding up of undocumented CARICOM immigrants only if they committed a crime. This inference seemed at variance with the stated policy of the Government.

So irritated was the host that he demanded the presence of the minister responsible for immigration on the programme, who gave in to his request and sought to explain the Government's position. When asked about the policy with respect to undocumented non-CARICOM immigrants, the Minister said the policy "would be" - not is - known at sometime in the future.

He further suggested that the issue with the undocumented non-CARICOM immigrants was "minuscule" by comparison and that most of these individuals had made a significant contribution to the social and economic development of this country anyhow.

Read full article here.

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