January 15, 2010

Today, we are all Haitian," says Caribbean Communications Body

Dr. Basil Springer, founder and Director of the Caribbean Media Exchange on Sustainable Tourism (CMEx), declared "Haiti's crisis provides an opportunity to lay a strong foundation on which to reduce the wealth divide; the regional and international travel and tourism community must also help to restore the glory of a nation to which we as Caribbean people will always be indebted in the struggle for independence.We must all urgently rally around and support the Haitian people in their thrust for socio-economic independence. Today, we are all Haitian."
"And, this is not a new nation - Haiti is the first independent black republic and indeed the second independent state in the Americas," he asserted.

While scanning the region's papers this morning, it is apparent that the Caribbean is unified with Haiti in its moment of tragedy. We are one Caribbean. We are one people.

Artists in Trinidad are coordinating an art auction to raise funds through the sale of their work - banks, restaurants, government and civil society are all united in one effort to respond to our brothers and sisters in need. There is no talk of difference. "Today, we are all Haitian." Hopefully the Haitian people will begin to receive the water and medical attention today, while the region and the world pour into that country to offer their assistance.

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