January 15, 2010

After residing in Barbados for 10 years, CARICOM national being deported & leaving behind husband and children



That is how a Guyanese woman who has been living in Barbados for ten years is feeling today as she prepares to leave and head back to her homeland.

Melissa (she does not want her surname revealed) will be leaving her husband, who is also Guyanese but has a permit to work here, her nine-year-old daughter who was born here and her 15-year-old son behind because immigration officials did not grant her immigrant status, even under the just-ended amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In 2001 she was denied a work permit and in 2007 she went before a review committee after applying for immigrant status and was turned down. She appealed and went before a second review committee in June 2009. In November she received the news from the committee that her application for immigrant status was denied again and that she had three weeks to leave the island.

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