December 14, 2009

Criminal deportees as mentors

Published on: 12/11/2009.

THE APPARENT INCREASE in deviant and sometimes downright criminal behaviour by some of our youngsters has been the subject of many a study by various experts and others, who have exerted what has been an almost benign influence on those who have forsaken or never chosen the straight and narrow road.

The church, the school and parents have all had to take their lashes as society has apportioned a share of blame on each of these groups; and each in turn has tried what Bajans used to call "their level best" to bring the situation under control. Now, there is a new and different effort under way which one hopes will produce better results, and succeed in its bid to keep youngsters away from a life of crime.

This new effort is spearheaded by a group calling itself Youth Action Programme, and what is different is that its promoters are deportees from the United States who have been sent back here because of their participation in a life of crime which has led them to end up in American prisons.

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