November 4, 2009

Chinese construction workers in Trinidad protest

They haven't been paid in months, they were seen eating "dry bread", cannot speak a word of English and would rather return to the crowded streets of Fujian Province than stay to work as labourers in Trinidad.

However, they want the money that they claim is owed to them before they leave.

This is what about 85 Chinese nationals say they were protesting when they gathered on the South-bound lane of the Uriah Butler Highway, near Guayamare, early yesterday morning.

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Anonymous said...

was this info verified? that picture certainly is not of Trinidad??

Anonymous said...

of course this is trinidad u jerk where do u live in the jungle or some remote part of india, these chinese labourers were and are being treated in trinidad like rotton dog maggots its a complete violation of osha, human rights regulations by the present patrick manning government.And guess what the academy is not even fully completed or handed over to the trinidad and tobago government.

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