July 21, 2009

Song about Guyanese women creating uproar in Barbados

Listen to the song below:

Madd ft Guyanese Girl - GT Advice(Crop Over 2009)

...and listen to the Bajan woman response and read article below:

Thicky Sweets - Keep Yuh Guyanese Wine(Crop Over 2009)

By Gaulbert Sutherland | June 22, 2009 in Local News

Who sleeps in a church dress and petticoat, prepares sardines and biscuits for dinner, covers their bodies in candle grease, snaps like an alligator and calls immigration in matters of a mate?

I would give you the answer but I’m afraid that I’d be banned for life from the Land of the Flying Fish. Not that I’m in a hurry to get there after the song “GT Advice” but I’ve heard that the beaches are among the best in the Caribbean. But that’s minor and there is always St. Lucia anyway.

So a bit of advice for the Guyanese men: appreciate the women in your lives more and never, I repeat never, go looking for that special someone in Barbados. Unless of course…Read full article here

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