July 10, 2009

The breadbasket

During the past weeks, there has been much public discussion about Barbados' immigration policy for CARICOM nationals.

In May, Prime Minister David Thompson declared an amnesty for CARICOM nationals who had overstayed their time, giving them six months to turn themselves in, with a chance of being regularised.

The discourse however, has been mainly about the high influx of Guyanese into Barbados, their alleged ill-treatment by immigration officials and the strain that these illegals put on the island's resources.

Last Sunday, Part 1 of a series looking at the historical journey of Guyana/Barbados relations was published. Part 2 appeared on Wednesday. Today, we bring Part 3


GUYANA, with its vast land resources, has always been regarded as the 'breadbasket' of the wider Caribbean... continue reading

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