June 29, 2009

Sir Shridath: 'We forget our oneness at our peril'

By Stabroek staff - June 27th, 2009

“‘The knock on the door at night’ is not within our regional culture; still less are intimations of  ‘ethnic cleansing’”

Senior regional integrationist, Sir Shridath Ramphal says that it is sad that the Caribbean is experiencing a period  when both policies and practices are deepening divisions and he cautioned that “we forget our oneness at our peril.”

In an apparent reference to the targeting of illegal CARICOM nationals in Barbados, some of whom have been rounded up in early morning raids, the Guyanese-born former Commonwealth secretary general said, “It is always a sadness when, however propelled, our societies are caught in a downward spiral of separateness with fellow West Indians cast as ‘outsiders’”.

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