June 6, 2009

Clarification on ‘Illegal Migrants’, George Brathwaite

by George Brathwaite

On May 24 2009, I was part of a Sunday Brass Tacks panel discussing the problem of migration as it relates to Barbados. At that time, I proposed that for several reasons it was more appropriate to be clear on the terms we use when making reference to those persons normally viewed as ‘illegal migrants’. Today I stand by those arguments knowing that such arguments are in keeping with international best practices and cursory distinctions. There is increasing attention placed on issues of migration (i.e. legal and illegal) because it is a complex phenomenon that straddles several spheres of cultural, social, economic, political, and geopolitical domains among others…

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George Brathwaite is a PhD Candidate in International Politics at the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology; Newcastle University, UK.

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