October 2, 2008

rahim bacchus jnr.

rahim bacchus jnr. was the very first person we interviewed for On the Map. I remember the day well. Omar, my DP, and I were excited to get the filming for the project started and rahim was available and happy to be a part of the project.

We went to his home where he had an office and interviewed him at his desk, with the Guyanese and Barbadian flags visible behind his head. Of course, we have lots of footage which we did not use, as is the norm. But one of the things he spoke about, with deep emotion, was the time he spent as a young activist in Guyana, fighting against injustice and outlined some of the reasons why he left Guyana and moved to Barbados.

For the purposes of On the Map, rahim spoke about Terrible Tuesday, that day in 2005 when many Guyanese nationals were sent back to Guyana just after they had arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados. rahim was most sincere in our exchanges and it was a wonderful interview to do. He was remembered this morning at the memorial service here in Barbados. The gathering comprised a diverse group of people which was testimony to the genuine interactions he enjoyed with many people. One of the many heartfelt tributes given by a Barbadian friend of rahim's noted that rahim did not see colour and that they in fact considered each other as brothers.
May he rest in peace.

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Cybercíclope said...

rahim era un buen hombre.

Que descanse en paz.