October 13, 2008

CARIBBEAN: Brain Drain - No Solution in Sight

By Dalia Acosta

HAVANA, Oct 3 (IPS) -
Like other developing regions, the Caribbean is no stranger to brain drain. Besides the impact on local economies, the exodus of university graduates has profound social implications, and there is no solution in sight.

While the prospect of better economic conditions appears to be the predominant motivation for emigrating to industrialised nations, studies conducted by specialists in the field show that in the case of professionals with higher education there are other reasons as well, which have to do with achieving success in their area of work and social recognition.

"It wasn’t easy to make the final decision to leave the country; I had to weigh a lot of important factors," Elena Gutiérrez told IPS. On one hand, she said, she would be "far away from her parents and good friends, and would have to abandon my customs to adopt foreign ones.

"On the other hand... keep reading"

Original article published in INTER PRESS SERVICE

Photos by Omar Estrada

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