April 9, 2008

The Reel World Film Festival, Toronto April 2 - 6

Reel World was a great experience! It was a well organised festival with information packed Industry Panel Sessions and relaxed opportunities to meet Directors, Distributors, Actors, New Media people, Producers etc.

One of the film highlights was "Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation" - Directed by Charles Burnett from LA and with Danny Glover - a film about Namibia's struggle for independence. (It is being screened in Barbados at the upcoming Caribbean Int'l Film Festival.) Following the screening, Burnett was interviewed by Cameron Bailey - one of Canada's top Film Critics (with Bajan roots!)

"Welcome to Nollywood" by Jamie Meltzer is about Nigeria's film industry and is full of good laughs.
Spent some real time with McLean Greaves - a "savvy techy", top in the field of New Media in Canada - as well as Terri Brown, who is building the Roxbury Film Festival in Boston and wants ON THE MAP to be a part of that in July this year.

Aside from the 1 degree weather - it was a good opportunity to meet people, promote the film and develop opportunities for ON THE MAP....had an interview with Asia TV as well as a Radio interview about the film project.
Tonya Williams, Founder and Director of Reel World, Hayet Benkara, the Programming Manager, and her assistant, Marianne, were all warm, professional and accomodating. All good!


Cybercíclope said...

Hi Annalee!

I erased a spam comment that you had here. I´ll check the settings to avoid this in the future.



Annalee Davis said...

Thanks, Omar, Very grateful for that intervention.

MMG said...

Thanks for the mention, Annalee. I would like to proudly point out I just as Bajan as my fellow Canuck Cameron Bailey. Well, actually he's visited a lot more than I have so perhaps he's a bit more Bajan than I am....for now!