March 8, 2008

ON THE MAP with Panel Session at Cave Hill Film Society

The screening of ON THE MAP at the Cave Hill Film Society will be the first time that the video project will be presented with a panel session. Dr. Don Marshall, a social scientist from the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social & Economic Research, and the Director of Hit For Six, Alison Saunders-Franklin, have both agreed to participate as pannellists that evening. My plan is to make a brief introductory remark, show ON THE MAP, invite the pannellists to respond to the film and then engage with the audience in discussion about the film project. I see ON THE MAP as an open work which continues to evolve with each screening, response and discussion. My work as an artist continues to respond to the shifting social and political realities of the region.
Copies of the DVD will be available for sale at the screening. Hang out after the screening and have a drink and a chat with other film lovers on Friday, March 28th, beginning at 7.45pm at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI, Cave Hill, Barbados


Cybercíclope said...

Geee!! I would love to be there, Annalee! Please, keep me updated about it...

Love and peace


Anonymous said...


Again I must congratulate you and ask that you indeed get funding to do the sequel. It is essential to keep knocking at these integration structured doors, so that they open.

Again some issues that are calling out to be dealt with are the following, and you may be best to tackle these inside of your 'creole construct':
* race and how people grow into stereotyping and xenophobia simply out of non communication.
*the rolling back of the 'one unified space' we created at tremendous cost in the world cup celebrations
*the wonder that is the Dutch, French, Spanish and English speaking Caribbean


I look forward to your next production and thank you again.

Michelle Cave