January 24, 2008

Comments on the film

"The work On the Map is both a contemplation and interrogation of what the regional boundaries have created in the Caribbean. It has been a crucible of migration for centuries creating new communities in different locations and outside the Caribbean. Davis's investigation reveals the struggle and reality of intra-immigration burdened by socio-political ambitions of nationalism. The various narratives in this film portray the ambition of individuals to move beyond their physical limitations for better livelihood regardless of the risks involved. It expresses a desire to make what is invisible, visible, reflecting the pressing issues facing the region today."

Tumelo Mosaka Curator
Brooklyn Museum , New York, USA

"At last a film that begins to interrogate the emotive topic of Open Borders in the Caribbean and it does so by using a variety of engaging documentary and artistic devices. Despite the long and ongoing history of labour migration that defines the Caribbean, current talks of a unified territory ignite essentialist notions of nation, identity and belonging. On The Map addresses these complexities to demonstrate the way that these issues are not only relevant for the Caribbean but to the wider global context where flows of capital and labour continue to generate anxiety and passionate views."

Dr deCaires Narain
Goldsmith College, University of London, UK

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