December 4, 2007

About the Docummentary Project

and goals of THE FILM:

Implementing the Caribbean Single Market & Economy (CSME), the largest economic grouping after the European Union, represented a historic shift in the region in January 2007, for which social policy issues were not adequately considered or addressed in preparation for integration.

The experimental documentary, ON THE MAP airs intimate discussions with undocumented migrants who tell their stories of life between the cracks. This thirty-two minute project examines current intra-regional, Caribbean migration with a focus on Barbados, Trinidad & Guyana.

It explores the views of residents of host countries, exposes institutional abuse and demonstrates gaps between the official stand and the actual experience of unskilled Caribbean migrants.

ON THE MAP gives un/documented Caribbeans a voice to speak about intra-regional migration, revealing gaps between the official stand on Caribbean integration & the experience of unskilled Caribbean migrants.

ON THE MAP uncovers & discusses human suffering of the migrant, including the subjugation, exploitation and human trafficking of Caribbean nationals by Caribbean nationals, and with a complete lack of recourse.

The video unmasks prejudices and oppression. It fosters awareness among Caribbean residents and asks whether there is space for the dreams and rights of poor and unskilled people in our 'One Caribbean'.

The goals of ON THE MAP are:

1.To give a voice to the numerous voiceless and tell the true story of intra-Caribbean migration.
2. To sensitise the public and policy makers to key social issues.
3. To contribute to conflict resolution at the community level while promoting tolerance, understanding & respectful coexistence.
4. To foster policy debates and political attention to the development of sound socio-economic policies under the integrative sheme.
5. To allow Caribbean people to see & hear themselves on the big screen (versus imported North American images) through an indigenously created product which contributes to an analysis of ourselves and our continuing education to survive under the instruments of globalisation.

ON THE MAP debunks the myth of a unified, "laid back" Caribbean culture and contrasts images of beach, golf course and paradise, with the reality of Caribbean living, victimization and abuse. The film speaks out to create awareness of critical issues to improve the human condition, allowing us to co-exist respectfully.



Chris said...

It was an interesting documentary. I saw it in Orlando. The filming was awesome and the scenery made me nostalgic. I don't think it accomplished all you wanted it to because, I suppose, of the lack of time and the reluctance of the true victims to come forward. But it was informative and entertaining at the same time.

queenam said...

I long for the day when this CSME crap would go to the garbage dump. As I see it, every tom, dick, harry and jane wants to settle in Barbados. We are only so big - why can't they get lost in the US, UK, EU? America is huge, if a bajan wants to settle there fine, the US can afford it, canada too. the C'bean national (especially guyanese and trinis) should go to one of those countries and let us get on with our life. they come here, they go all out to find some disparity with the island - yet they stay - yet they come. as the west indies federation faded because of trinidad and jamaica who at that time were prosperous islands so too should CSME fail. barbados DOES NOT need it

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